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Whatsapp/Tele Consultation - Total 5 Questions

You can setup a whatsapp or a telephone call with Shredded Varun and ask him 5 questions related to workout and nutrition

Please note it is NOT A VIDEO CALL, only voice call

We can sync up for a suitable time for the call whatever suits You and Shredded Varun

Note - questions should be strictly related to workout or nutrition. Shredded Varun is not a doctor and so do not seek medical advice

₹ 1000
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1 Hour Training Session(Online or Offline)

ShreddedVarun has a membership at Volt Fitness, Indiranagar Bangalore. You can book a 1 hour trial session with ShreddedVarun for a Gym Session and workout with him physically at Volt or a Different gym(you may have to bear his one day membership there) 

You can even schedule an online session on a video call and ShreddedVarun will guide you through the workout session

₹ 3000
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Workout&Diet Plan(1 month)

ShreddedVarun will design a workout regime and diet plan depending upon your body composition

This plan includes the following:

Customized Training Plan

Customized Diet Plan

Weekly once Checkin

24x7 Whatsapp support

₹ 10000
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FatLoss or Muscle Building DietPlan(Veg/NonVeg)

Shreddedvarun will design a customised diet plan depending upon your body composition that will help you in loosing fat or building muscle

₹ 5000
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OnlineTraining(10 sessions)

Click to know features of plan:

10 online workout sessions(45minutes) per month

Shreddedvarun will personal teach you:

form&technique for each exercise

range of motion

how to build mind muscle connection

different rep ranges

ShreddedVarun will personally train you online on video call

You can workout at the gym or home while being connected to shreddedvarun on a video call. Shreddedvarun will guide you throughout each session(max session = 45min)

₹ 10000
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